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What carries me

It is the encounters with people that make life worth living.
- Guy de Maupassant -

The aim of the “value-bench”

In autumn 2018, Boglarka Hadinger, who is a famous Austrian doctor, logotherapist , and psychologist, held a workshop titled “The fullest in life”. This workshop left us fascinated and enthusiastic from the ideas of the “value-bench”.

Most of the participants had immediately completed the first steps to realize that idea and give her a form. The foundress doctor, Boglarka Hadinger writes:

“The value-bench is a wood-bench, she is coloured and original, made from students, teachers, employees or inhabitants of a town. The benches were collocated on streets, which lead to schools, to work or in public zones. The value-benches invited people to stop, to contemplate or to initialise a dialogue between young and old. Thanks to the originality of the value-bench the identity is resulting and the invitation to the communication is be forced the communication in a place, to give a meaning sense.”

The meaning of the “value-bench”

The coloured “value-benches” become an oasis in a town. These benches are painted various colours to represent the body, spirit and soul.

The creators of “the value benches”

The creators of the “value-bench” are members of associations in Olang and other individuals in the community who contribute their time and energy to create a liveable and loving community.

Associations that Participated in this Project:

Places of the “value-benches”

Participants of the project idealized and realized one or more “value-benches”, and then decided on the best location for the benches. Here is the map:

The uniqueness for the “value-benches” in Olang

The benches are made in their entirety from wood from our valley. The forestry team from Welsberg and the carpenters from Olang created these benches through the vision of the participant members. Each bench is unique in its form and express its own message, value or feeling.

Painting- ecological tempera

In a workshop, the artist and teacher, Franz Josef Hofer, demonstrated how to use tempera with eggs to paint the benches. Tempera is a method of painting with pigments mixed with a water-soluble binder medium, usually glutinous material such as egg yolk. This technique is completely ecological and safe for the environment.

Pictures of “value-benches”

More pics here.

SINNBank Feschtl

On August 8, 2019, the inauguration of the “value-benches” took place in Mitterolang park, together with the creator, Dr. Boglaka Hadinger, and all the residents of Valdoara. The “value- benches” were officially presented to all the residents that day. The music, food and conversation helped frame this wonderful event.

The photos and opinions of the participants speak for themselves.

Operating Group

The ideation, organization and the coordination of this project was led by Myriam Trenker, Doris Grüner, Katja Mairunteregger and Annelies Schenk.


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Much appreciation and thanks to all of our generous Sponsors:

Municipality of Olang
Committee for Education
Savings Bank
Forestry team from Welsberg
Steiner Bau GmbH
Inge Patsch -Innsbruck
Dr. Boglarka Hadinger